When Night Falls In London Announces Name Change To Moonlight Experiences

London, United Kingdom, Release Date: 7th October 2019

When Night Falls In London is a LGBTQ+ focused company that provides experiences/activities. Today it has announced that the company will begin operating under the new name 'Moonlight Experiences' as a social enterprise.

This re-branding strategy reflects both the evolution of the company as well as its vision for the future. Along with this change, a newly redesigned company logo has been revealed. The new name will prominently feature the company’s focus on expanding LGBTQ+ activities in London, introducing new experiences around the world and increasing the visibility of QTIPOC (queer, intersex, trans people of colour) in the travel industry.

Most cities are overwhelmed with vast amount of tours, sights and activities often limited in authenticity. The Founder Aisha Shaibu has put together a collective of avid travellers and proud Londoners from various organisations, who share their perspectives and help diversify outdated tours.

The Company's ownership has not changed. Aisha Shaibu stated "It was necessary to re-brand as a part of our focus on business development and global expansion. There are not enough platforms that offer the same diverse and inclusive tours/activities for everyone across the rainbow spectrum. I want to make sure queer women, trans, non-binary and QTIPOC travellers have a dedicated company that also prioritises them. We all deserve to feel safe in our day to day lives and whilst travelling or exploring new places at night".

Moonlight Experiences offer things to do such as Ultimate LGBTQ+ Night, London Secret Bars, History of LGBTQ + London and exploring Soho's Underground Bars. The company's mission is to continue to provide an authentic representation of the LGBTQ+ community through bespoke experiences. Revolutionise the way travellers connect with the queer community through integration with diverse locals guides. But at the heart of the company's ethos is to play a key role in London's community and other cities by supporting the talented artists, highlighting events that are not commercially available in hope to reduce the closure of LGBTQ+ venues.

Anyone with an open mind and an appetite for a truly unforgettable night is welcome. Solo travellers, groups or couples. Join us whether you are from the LGBTQ+ community, straight or ally.

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