8 Simple tips for LGBTQ+ travelers on a budget

Save some money whilst travelling in London with this quick guide.

1. Remember to cherish experiences not things

Check out Airbnb, not just for accommodation but for experiences. Airbnb offer a wide range of experiences & activities to help travellers discover a city like a local. Try out these top experiences organised by QITPOC & BME in London.

2. Plan early. Book flights and accommodation in advance.

Off peak / low season flight deals for London are around November through to March.

  • Set flight notifications on flight comparison sites like Sky Scanner and Kayak.

  • Find somewhere affordable to stay on Misterbnb ; it’s the largest gay travel community in the world. You can also find low prices and LGBTQ+ hosts on Airbnb.

  • To save further, share a room with other travellers in a gay friendly hostel like SoHostel

  • For FREE accommodation; join communities/ groups such Queer Couch Surfers of London and Lesbian Couch Surfers to meet hosts who offer a couch or spare room in their homes.

3. Travel light. Pack the essentials in a hand luggage.

  • Save money on increasing baggage fees

  • Skip long queues at kiosk desks when you check in online with no bags.

  • Save approximately 30 minutes to 2 hours by going straight pass baggage claim.

4. There are over 28 Galleries & museums in London to enjoy for FREE!

  • Make time for the Black Cultural archives ; the only national repository of Black history and culture in the UK.

  • Explore top museums & Galleries such as Tate Modern, National History Museum, Victoria & Albert Museum (V&A) , National Gallery and British Museum

5. London at night. Don’t miss Happy hour!

Make sure you reserve shows, events and club tickets in advance. Purchasing tickets at the door is always more expensive.

Enjoy happy hour deals at some of these LGBTQ+ bars

6. Hungry?

  • Go to the supermarket/groceries rather than eating out all the time.

  • Pack some food on your day trips out.

  • Cook at your accommodation if you have self-catering facilities

7. Eating out

  • Focus on lunch (It’s cheaper than dinners out)

  • Head to some of London’s iconic markets such as Brick Lane and Brixton Market for some delicious street food under £5.

8. Discover the city by bicycle

It costs £2 to access a Santander Cycle bike for 24 hours: the first 30 minutes of each journey are free. An average of 30,000 Santander bikes are hired each day in London. Find more info here.

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