Why Moonlight Experiences?

Moonlight Experiences is not a typical company, it is a social enterprise to help and support the LGBTQ+ community. We champion diversity and integration in the queer community and welcome those who are open to being educated.  It is an alternative in cities overwhelmed with the vast amount of events, tours, sights & activities often limited in authenticity. 

 The founder Aisha Shaibu is a queer activist in London who believes that the economical power of LGBTQ+ tourism and nightlife can truly transform a community.  We specialize in creating and curating thrilling nights filled with the best queer entertainment, hidden gems, underground events, after-parties, art exhibitions, and stories of the past & present. We all deserve and feel like we belong, this is why we won't turn anyone away due to lack of funds.

Moonlight Experiences is available in London, Paris, Lisbon, Barcelona, and Amsterdam

Curated accessible travel available 


Our Mission
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Email: info@moonlightexperiences.com
Contact Number: +447940460773
Opening Times: Monday-Saturday (09:00-18:00 GMT)

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