Why Moonlight Experiences?

Moonlight Experiences is not a typical tour company, it is a social enterprise to help the LGBTQ+ community globally.  It is an alternative in cities overwhelmed with the vast amount of tours, sights & activities often limited in authenticity. 

Found by Aisha Shaibu an LGBTQ+ activist in London. Moonlight Experiences is available in London, Paris, Lisbon, Barcelona, Amsterdam and New York. Discover each city in this quintessential way and get the most out of LGBTQ+ culture at night.


Expect thrilling nights filled with the best queer entertainment, hidden gems, underground events, after-parties, art exhibitions, and stories of the past & present. We all deserve and feel like we belong, this is why we won't turn anyone away due to lack of funds.


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Our Mission
Image by Alexander London

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